Character Training

Volunteer All parents expect schools to explicitly teach skills that will help their children achieve mastery of academic content. Rarely do schools teach character skills as concretely. Instead, children are given rules, such as “don’t fight” or “finish all your homework,” with the assumption that they should know how to follow these dictates successfully. Unfortunately, many children lack the character skills to follow school rules, and so they inevitably fail. The discipline they receive when they fail to follow rules leads these children to experience great frustration, which in turn contributes to more behavior problems. If this vicious cycle continues long enough, it often leads to the tragedy of school failure.

At Eagle’s Nest we break this cycle of failure by a strong focus on character skills that enable children to live up to the expectations placed upon them at school, and therefore, to succeed. Character development is one of the most distinctive aspects of our program model and enables the entire program to be effective. Our goal is for Christian traits such as honor, truth, and faith to become second nature to the boys. The inculcation of Christian character is not an add-on feature of our program but is the very essence of Eagle’s Nest’s culture.

Our character education program recognizes that students need more than rules and discipline. They often need to be explicitly taught character skills, such as how to manage anger and resolve conflicts peacefully or how to persevere through a difficult assignment and ask for help when needed. To accomplish this, Eagle’s Nest staff identifies positive character traits that one or more students need to develop, such as perseverance, responsibility, or self-control. The staff then selects appropriate lesson plans from the curriculum. These include stories, activities, and thought-provoking questions and discussions to help students learn about a given character trait and put it into practice.