Our Name

Mr. Duncan chose the name “Eagle’s Nest” and the accompanying motto “Preparing boys to take flight” because he was inspired by the way young eaglets are nurtured in their nests before they are ready to fly. During the eaglets’ early days, their parents provide them with food and warmth and demonstrate flight by circling around the nest. Then when the fledglings are strong enough, the adult eagles prepare them for their first flights by flying overhead and creating currents that gently lift the fledglings into the air and force them to flap their wings. The adults also motivate their young by holding food in their beaks while perching on trees, just out of their offsprings’ reach. Mr. Duncan saw parallels between the adult eagles’ example and the educational philosophy he brought to the learning center–one in which strong, nurturing adult role models prepare the boys to one day leave the nest and take flight into a future of achievements through the talents God has given them.