Partner With Us

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 10.21.44 AMAt Eagle’s Nest, you can partner with a dynamic organization that will leave a lasting impression on you or your team. We welcome you to create memories with us and have fun while positively impacting boys. We partner with churches, schools, foundations, businesses, organizations and other groups.

The majority of programs that provide similar services to ours receive federal funding, which often pays for a large percentage of programming. However, when organizations accept such funding, they also accept restrictions on its faith-based content. Because at Eagle’s Nest we wish to freely share our Christian beliefs and values, we have chosen not to accept any government funding. Instead, we rely fully on God’s provision through donors like you. Thank you for taking the time to consider our cause. We hope that you will choose to partner with us and support the work God is doing here in Boston.

For any amount you give to support Eagle’s Nest, you will receive a silicon wristband with the words “Bless the Boys” and “” imprinted on the outside and “Numbers 6:24-26” on the inside.

You can choose to make a one-time gift or you can partner with us on a regular basis, both in prayer and in monthly support, from $25 on up (roughly 82 cents a day). Such regular prayer and financial support is an enormous blessing to our ministry.

A Word From a Partner

“George Duncan and the Eagle’s Nest Learning Center are such a blessing to the city of Boston and the young men in our community. George has such a strong and powerful vision for the ways that Eagle’s Nest will provide great opportunities for boys in the city, and it is an amazing privilege to be able to partner with him in this vision and to help make it a reality. There is such a strong focus on seeing these boys succeed both academically and personally. They provide excellent structure to challenge the boys in critical areas such as reading and math, while constantly encouraging the boys in personal character development. It is a blessing to watch the boys grow, care for each other, and flourish in this program. I love sending my volunteer groups to work with Eagle’s Nest and I know these boys are absolutely on their way to becoming the next generation of Godly leaders in this place.”

Jessica Fothergill, Center for Student Missions (CSM)

Contact us at or 617-879-0994