Statement of Faith

We believe that there is one God. He existed from the beginning of time and will never cease to exist. He created and sustains all things. He alone is perfect. He exists in three Persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, also called the Trinity. Each member of the Trinity is equal to the others in power and glory.

We believe that the 66 books of the Bible as originally written were inspired by God, and are therefore free from error. They are the only perfect guide for our faith and its practice.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, one co-equal member of the Trinity. We believe that He was born of a virgin and that during His sinless life He performed many miracles. We believe that when He died on the cross, He took on Himself the punishment that all of us deserve. We believe that Jesus physically returned to life on the third day after His death and that one day He will personally return to earth in power and glory.

We believe that for humans to experience God’s forgiveness for the wrong things we all think and do and to have the assurance of going to heaven after we die, we must put our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. When we do this, the Holy Spirit makes our spirits pure and new, as if we had never sinned.

We believe that the Holy Spirit gives Christians the power to please God by living lives of goodness and purity.

We believe that God forgives the sins of those who put their trust in Him, that He will raise their bodies to life again one day, and that He will allow them to live with Him forever.

We believe in the spiritual unity of the Church, which is made up of everyone throughout all of history who has trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ and experienced His forgiveness and salvation.