What Teachers Are Saying:

“Eagle’s Nest instilled in Michael the confidence he needed to shine.”

“(He) became much more invested in school success as a result of his participation in Eagle’s Nest.”

“He looked forward to the program every day and told me stories about the fun he had. It gave him joy and helped him transition better.”

“Jason is extremely motivated and committed due to this wonderful program.”

“(He) became self-reflective and monitored his attitude and behavior.”

“(He) felt proud of what he accomplished this year. ..and stopped making excuses and fooling around.”

“Eagle’s Nest gave Mark a place to belong and positive role models.”

What Parents Are Saying:

“My son has an interest in attending church now.”

“My son won a technology award, and I attribute that to Eagle’s Nest.”

“We cherish Eagle’s Nest and we love the work that the Director and the staff are doing. They love the boys and the boys love them!”

“Eagle’s Nest has been very helpful in my son’s attitude toward learning and the importance of good values and faith.”

“I am writing you to let you know that my son is passing in all his subjects: science, math and English. He is getting all A’s and B’s. I want to thank you for taking the time to mentor and nourish my son with faith; he has become more spiritual because of Eagle’s Nest. Thank you for that.”

“My son likes the camp because of the dedication of the staff. He describes Mr. Duncan as the best teacher in the world.”

What Volunteers Are Saying:

“It was wonderful working with the boys, and I am so glad someone is investing in their lives.”

“Mr. Duncan inspired me; he showed great joy in the kids.”

“The boys at Eagle’s Nest were all the little brothers that I never had. They were so much fun!”

“Mr. Duncan is always looking for ways to use people with their God-given talents, and he makes things fun.”

“You boys have inspired me in my faith walk and opened my eyes to so much! Stay awesome!”

“George was really great with the kids and was like a father figure to them, and I would like to thank him for all the great things he is doing because I believe it is really impacting those children.”

“I was inspired by working with the boys at Eagle’s Nest; their positive attitudes are remarkable.“

“Thank you for letting us be a part of your ministry ….Please don’t ever let this stop. Keep taking these boys and showing them Christ.”

“It was so much fun!”